Genetec Video Player

Genetec Video Player 5.9

Plays exported G64 and G64x video files
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5.9.5 (See all)

Access rare and protected media files via the player utility compatible with G64 and G64x video files from Security Desk. It bypasses the requirements for Security Center access and views file parameters, metadata, etc. Direct playback is initiated with no restrictions.

The Genetec Video Player is a media player that is used to view exported G64 and G64x video files from Security Desk, or on a computer that does not have Security Center installed. If you received a package containing exported Security Center G64x or G64 video files and the Genetec Video Player, you can review the video from the player. G64x files contain multiple video sequences. Depending on how they were exported, the sequences are either displayed in the same tiles that they were playing in when they were exported from Security Center, or played back sequentially within a single tile.

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